Ajahn Candasiri’s Visit

For the past week, we have been blessed to host a beloved spiritual elder and mentor, Ajahn Candasiri, founder of Milntuim Hermitage in Scotland and one of the first four women to begin training as a Buddhist nun with Ajahn Sumedho in 1979.
During our time together, she reflected on the challenges of pioneering monastic life in this day and age, and, with her seasoned wisdom, contagious joy and compassion, she engaged us in lively heartfelt dialogues about the intricate, often complex facets of that process.  We are delighted to share two of her uplifting Dhamma talks:
  • Finding Joy – May 12, 2019, at the ordination ceremony of Anagārikā Jayasārā
  • The Way of Kindness – May 14, 2019, at our community morning breakfast