Offering Food & Supplies

Photo: ED RITGERAs alms mendicants, we practise the Buddha’s ancient monastic way, depending entirely on the kindness and generosity of our lay community for all our daily requisites including food. We still do not have overnight visitors or on-site meditation programs but teachings are available through zoom meetings and online recordings posted on this website.

Thank you for all your kind wishes of support.  We receive weekly cooked meal offerings kindly organized by members of the Ottawa Buddhist Society.  We welcome you to participate in this rota system. Please contact:

You can also send offerings of groceries, medicines or other needed items by post.

May kindness prevail, medicine cure, and all live in well-being, safety and peace.  May you be nourished by faith, generosity, and a heart of universal kindness and compassion.

September 18, 2020


  • green vegetables e.g. kale, broccoli, cabbage
  • salad greens e.g. spinach, celery
  • fruit e.g. kiwis,  seasonal fruit
  • nuts e.g walnuts, almonds
  • cheese
  • yellow split peas