Offering Food

The Food of Kindness
As alms mendicants practising the Buddha’s ancient monastic way, we depend entirely on the kindness and generosity of the lay community for our daily food and all our other requisites. We are blessed with kind offerings of cooked food, groceries and supplies from near and far, including gifts of food brought to the Hermitage or care packages sent through a local grocer or by post.

Offering A Meal now to April 1, 2017:
The nuns’ community is on silent retreat. If you would like offer a meal or groceries, please contact Barbara

May you be nourished by the food of kindness for the well-being of body and heart.

Currently Needed at the Hermitage:
camomile tea bags
draft-proof foam tape for door/windows 3/8″ x 1/2″

We have enough water! We also have an abundance of: rice, lentils and paper towels.