Offering Food

The Food of Kindness

As alms mendicants practising the Buddha’s ancient monastic way, we depend entirely on the kindness and generosity of the lay community for our daily food and all our other requisites. We are blessed with kind offerings of cooked food, groceries and supplies from near and far, including gifts of food brought to the Hermitage or care packages sent through a local grocer or by post.

Bringing a meal or offering food to the bhikkhuni community is a wonderful opportunity to visit and participate in our monastic way of life. During the winter months, from January 4th through April 1, the Sati Saraniya resident community will be on silent retreat.  Cooked food and groceries for the retreatants are being offered through a rota system and the main meal is offered daily at 10:45 am.

Please write to Barbara if you would like to offer a cooked meal dana and/or groceries to the Sangha during this time of intensive meditation practice. May you be nourished by the food of kindness for the well-being of body and heart.


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