Offering Food & Supplies



As alms mendicants, we practise the Buddha’s ancient monastic way, depending entirely on the kindness and generosity of our lay community for our daily requisites including food, shelter, clothing, and medicines.

With COVID numbers declining, we hope to have more news about the possibility of holding in-person programs. Our online meditations, Dhamma teachings and weekly podcasts that have been running throughout the pandemic will continue. We are waiting to see how conditions for everyone’s safety evolve under the new health protocols.

Thank you for your kind wishes of support and the stream of generosity that comes our way. We are receiving weekly cooked meal offerings kindly organized by members of the Ottawa Buddhist Society. If you would like to offer a dana meal to the Sangha, please write to:

You can also send offerings of groceries, medicines or other needed items by post or by making a donation to an account at the Independent Grocery Store in Perth  (613-267-6763). The store’s Accounts Department can process a donation using a credit card and a friend of the community in Perth will pick up and deliver the groceries.

May you be nourished by faith, generosity, wisdom, and compassion. May kindness prevail, medicine cure, and may all live in peace, well-being, and safety.  

JUNE 30th, 2022  Items in blue have a link


  • vegetables e.g. corn, parsnips, carrots
  • fruit e.g apples, grapes
  • millet
  • oat milk (not Kirkland brand)
  • natural peanut butter
  • chamomile-lavender teabags
  • muesli