Sati Sārāņīya Hermitage

~ a Theravāda monastery for bhikkhunis training in the Buddha’s ancient wisdom teachings ~
Facing global disease, social disintegration, and destructive warfare,
we deeply treasure our sacred humanitarian values of
truth, kindness, trust, and moral vigor.
Everyone wishes for happiness, well-being, and safety,
but what protects us from the shadow of ignorance in this world?
If we can we develop the heart’s courage, and enough stamina and awareness,
learning to give up what is harmful to ourselves as to all –
in whatever we do or say; even how we see and think,
we will stand up to what is fearful and unconscionable –
offering the best we can for the benefit of all beings.
By undertaking our own inner disarmament,
let us act as catalysts for the good, and care well for each other
so that we can sow seeds of true compassion, unconditional forgiveness,
and peace in this world – while we still can.
                                                                            Ayyā Medhānandī

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