Teachings 2020


Teaching events at venues in Canada and USA for 2020 to be lead by Ayyā Medhānandī

Sati Saraniya Hermitage
2020 Sunday Meditations and Teachings near Perth, Ontario: weekly 1:30- 3:30 pm at Sati Saraniya Hermitage, group meditation, chanting & Dhamma talk please note: we offer no programs during the winter retreat months. Our first program of 2020 is on Sunday, April 5 

Ottawa Buddhist Society
Friday Evening Meditation & Dhamma talks, Quaker House, Ottawa: May 1,  Jun 5,  Jul 3,  Sep 4,  Oct 16,  Dec 18
Days of Mindfulness Tuan Pagoda, Ottawa: Saturdays: Oct 17 &  Dec 19
Week long Residential Retreat, Arnprior, Ottawa: Nov 20 – 26

Madison Insight Meditation Wisconsin, USAResidential Retreat, May 15-20 at St Anthony Spirituality Center, 300 E. Fourth Street, Marathon, WI 54448 (3 hours from Madison, WI)

Portland Friends of the Dhamma Portland, Oregon, USA – Evening Meditation and Dhamma Reflections, May 21 at 1404 SE 25th Ave, Portland OR 97214

Cloud Mountain Meditation Retreat near Portland, Oregon, USA – Residential retreat, May 22-28 at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center 373 Agren Road Castle Rock, WA 98611

Satipanna Insight Meditation Toronto (SIMT) Batavia, NY, USAWeek-long Residential Retreat, August 15-22 to be held at the Rochester Zen Chapin Mill Retreat Centre in Batavia, N.Y. USA (near Rochester)

Theravada Buddhist Community Toronto (TBC) A Non-residential weekend retreat Sept. 24-26.  Toronto Venue TBA.