Sacred Heart: First Inside the Temple

Within us we have a sacred space that we need to reclaim – the very space inside the heart. Here the Four Noble Truths come to life. Know our suffering, not blaming anyone or any conditions for it, see its origin within us, and…

First Aid

To free us from our relentless conceptualising and the suffering that comes of it, the Buddha has thrown us a lifeline. We can grab hold of it by continually using the perspective that “this is impermanent”, and thereby we can pull ourselves to safety….

Taking Emptiness Home

To carry the teachings home means we are committed to treasuring virtuous conduct and speech as well as wholesome states of mind in daily life where conditions are not as perfect for practice. We empty ourselves of self-centerdness to embody more and more the…

Baptismal Breath: Guided Meditation

See present moment experience in its most simple expression so as to notice the breakdown of all fearsome qualities. This seeing is insight which delivers us from the conceptual prison of beliefs into the freedom of direct intuitive understanding. A talk given at Insight…

The Night of the Poison Arrow

How to guard the mind against the hindrances and pull out the poison arrow of craving. A talk given at Insight Meditation Society, Massachusetts, USA in 2019. 

The Winds of Change

We are here, on the mountain, with a tremendous view. Let the breath speak to us. Stay and watch, even the suffering, investigate patiently like a parent, even if their child objects and runs away – patiently keep trying, be receptive, be available. Gently…

Nothing There: Beyond the Prison of ‘Self’

The Fourth Insight known as udayabbaya ñāņa arises bestowing six qualities of upekkha as well as intimate knowledge of anicca through seeing the arising and disappearance of all conditioned things – most importantly, the emptiness of ‘self’. A talk given at Sati Saraniya Hermitage…

Give Up What Destroys You

Developing virtue and moral disarmament are core practices for true peace in this world. That must happen within us. If we want to protect each other and promote harmlessness and nonviolence, we must do the work of inner disarmament ourselves. A talk given at…


Ayya Medhanandi’s talk on Fearlessness at the 6th Street Community Center, East Village, sponsored by Buddhist Insights, NY 2018:

Audio Chants

Here you will find a number of recorded chants by Sati Saraniya Sangha and others.