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Le Dharma de la Neige

Published in Regard Bouddhiste magazine, May 2016 (reprinted with permission), this French version of Ayyā Medhānandī’s article The Dhamma of Snow describes a winter snow melt episode and the enthralling insight into how melting delusions give way to Truth.

Ayyā Medhānandī’s Blog

Written while based in Penang, Ayyā Medhānandī draws on her experiences in a monastic community in England, as a solitary nun in a coastal hamlet of New Zealand, and as an urban nun perched in a ‘sky temple’ overlooking the Malacca Straits.

“Gone Forth, Going Beyond”

A book of Ayyā Medhānandī’s Dhamma reflections from 1996 to 2007, published in English and Mandarin, 2008


Canada and USA

Redemption SIMT-TBC Retreat, Toronto 2016
On A Path We Trust SIMT-TBC Retreat, Toronto 2016
Look Within and Wake Up SIMT-TBC Retreat, Toronto 2016
What Will Heal Us SIMT-TBC Retreat, Toronto 2016
Chant, Breathe, Trust Ottawa Buddhist Society 2016

Holding the Lotus to the Rock SIMT Retreat, N.Y. 2016
Love Wisdom More Than Life SIMT Retreat 2016
Fall Apart, Fall Apart SIMT Retreat 2016
Who’s Sitting Under the Bodhi Tree SIMT Retreat 2016
Break Down SIMT Retreat 2016
Be Like Bamboo SIMT Retreat 2016
Reading: Ajahn Chah – In the Dead of Night SIMT Retreat 2016
Reading: Sayadaw U Pandita – Mother Hen SIMT Retreat 2016
Reading: Therigatha – Venerable Subha Bhikkhuni’s Poem SIMT Retreat 2016

The Power of Metta IMS Retreat 2016

Seven Freedom Lights Sati Saraniya Hermitage Temple 2015
Fictitious Noodles Toronto Buddhist Community (TBC) 2015
Many Intersections – Reflections and Guided Meditation TBC 2015
Sowing Grace TBC 2015
Guided Metta Meditation Satipanna Insight Meditation Toronto (SIMT) Retreat Chapin Mill, Batavia, N.Y. 2015
Noble Search and Rescue SIMT Retreat 2015
Devotion SIMT Retreat 2015
A Whole Path SIMT 2015

Up Front Quaker House, Ottawa 2014
Dhamma MRI – Mindful, Radical Investigation Satipanna Insight Meditation Retreat (SIMT) Chapin Mill, Batavia, N.Y. 2014
I Give You My Bread SIMT Retreat 2014
What Glaciers Teach Us SIMT 2014
Train for Nibbana SIMT Retreat 2014

This is Not Beyond Our Doing Spirit Rock Monastic Retreat 2013
Saraniya Dhamma – Friendship With the Lovely Spirit Rock 2013
Satipanna and Refuge to the Rescue Spirit Rock 2013
Grow in the Master’s Way Spirit Rock 2013
Sacred Heart: Temple of the Clear Mind Sati Saraniya Hermitage Temple 2013
One Inalienable Right IMS Monastic Retreat 2013
Boundless Metta in Difficult Times: A Guided Meditation IMS 2013
The Buddha’s Positioning System: Truth Coordinates for Daily Life Practic IMS 2013
Brightening Agents: 7 Enlightenment Factors IMS 2013
Guardian Parents: Mindfulness, Wisdom, Compassion IMS 2013
First Insights IMS 2013
Leaving Home: Guided Meditation IMS Monastic Retreat 2013
Heart Benefit: Guided Meditation IMS Monastic Retreat 2013

Life-Saving Treasure Quebec, Maison Bruyere Retreat 2012
Nuclear Free Ottawa, Quaker House 2011
Mapping the Beauty Within Us Spring Rain Retreat, Toronto 2011
Bhikkhuni Pioneers Aloka Vihara, San Francisco, CA 2011
Until the Last Breath IMS Retreat, Barre, MA 2011
Death and Awakening IMS Retreat 2011
Noble Warming IMS Retreat 2011

Let E-go Ottawa, Quaker House 2010
Opinions Quaker House 2010
Energy Audit Quaker House 2010
Medicine Heart Metta: Guided Forgiveness Quaker House 2010
Don’t Bargain With the Buddha Edmonton Retreat 2010

Ice Melts Pembroke, Ontario Retreat 2009
Fierce Gifts Pembroke 2009
Niagara Falls Pembroke 2009
Barefoot and Empty-handed Pembroke 2009
Through the Eye of the Needle Pembroke 2009
Empty of Fear Ottawa, Quaker House 2009

Batik Buddha Quaker House 2008
Solstice Heart Quaker House 2008
Great Compassion Pembroke 2008
Commitment and Sacrifice Pembroke Retreat 2008
A Good Pair of Boots Toronto Buddhist Community (TBC) Retreat 2008
A Little Renunciation TBC Retreat 2008
The Torah and the Triple Gem Vancouver 2008
Shoot Me First: Right Intention, Effort & Social Responsibility Vancouver ’08
Ascending the Altar Birken Forest Monastery 2008
Mirror Mirror on the Wall Montreal Retreat 2008
The Good News Montreal, 2008

Rescue Remedy Arnprior, Ontario Retreat 2007
Guided Death Meditation Arnprior 2007
Dhamma Wings Toronto Buddhist Community Retreat 2007
Now in Session TBC Retreat 2007
Ethical Footprint Perth 2007

Southeast Asia

Noble Warming 1 Singapore Buddhist Temple, 2007
The Wilderness of Anger Singapore 2007

New Zealand

Chariot to Nibbana Bodhinyanarama Monastery Retreat 2002
The Poison Arrow Bodhinyanarama 2002
I Am of the Nature to Die Bodhinyanarama 2002
A Mind Empowered 5 Ways Bodhinyanarama 2002


Guided Meditation Amaravati Monastery Death & Dying Retreat 1998
The Way of the Mystic Amaravati 1998
Joy is Hidden in Sorrow Amaravati 1996