A Bhikkhuni Ordination in California

Samaneri Niyyanika on almsroundSamaneri Anuruddha pindapat
With great joy we share auspicious news!

On Dec. 3, 2017, the Sanghamitta full moon day, two bhikkhuni candidates will receive their Upasampada – higher ordination as bhikkhunis – at Dhammadharini Monastery in Penngrove, California.

Both have been training devotedly for several years at their respective monasteries; Samaneri Anuruddha, from the UK, here in Canada at Sati Saraniya Hermitage; and Samaneri Niyyanika, of the USA, at our sister monastery,  the Dhammadharini Bhikkhuni community in California.

This will be a dual ordination with ten members of the Bhikkhu and Bhikkhuni Sanghas each attending, for a total of 20 monastics with Ayya Tathaloka Maha Theri as preceptor.

Bhikkhuni Ordination Invitation P 1 Dec. 3, 2017

Bhikkhuni Ordination Invitation 2 Dec. 3, 2017

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