Fifth Year Anniversary

At this time of completing our fifth year in Canada, we remember all the dear friends from near and far who have helped us grow so well.  Like many Buddhist monastics transporting the Dhamma to the West, our beginnings were small and humble, first a rented house in Ottawa, then moving to a 140 year old log house near Perth, Lanark County, and slowly changing its face into a Theravada training monastery for women.

We reflect on what we have weathered and witnessed in these early years: leaving the security of nearby support for a remote rural location, seeing our trees brought down in storms and drought, and observing many comings and goings with a steady heart.

We remember the joy of our first samaneri pabbajja (going forth) in 2010; a historic first bhikkhuni ordination at Spirit Rock, California in 2011; and the hard work of many local friends who helped dismantle four old barns over the years to make way for the newly-built meditation hall. This will be the venue next month for our second samaneri pabbajja ceremony.

May we be able to sustain that humility and continue to plant good Dhamma seeds in our lives and hearts, uplifted by the wave of kindness from all those reaching out to work with us and share these precious Dhamma teachings.  May the goals of the holy life remain foremost in our consciousness so that, enduring and resilient, we can strive well on this noble path of wisdom and compassion.

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